Tuesday, 24 July 2012

I have been really busy these past weeks, and didn't realise I hadn't posted since the Monday before last Monday!!! sorry to be away for so long. There have been family commitments as well as show attendance for demonstrations happening and now I can breath a sigh of relief for just a moment...in the meantime here are a few photos ... 

Here is the 2nd cake made by the birthday girl herself, for the Morning Tea, nice work Beryl, [my M-I-L]; the flowers were purchased from a shop in the city. She loves cake icing, and has made all of her children's 21st cakes, engagement cakes and wedding cakes and there are 7 children!!! plus she has made a lot more cakes and iced them for friends special birthdays, ... still making and icing cakes at 80 ... wow! I hope I'm still creating flowers with paper when I'm that age. 

By the way the "80"  on the cake, was cut from Glitter card with the Big Shot.

Below is the belly band and and box I make for her Special Guest Book that was past around to everyone at the Family Lunch on Saturday and then again at the Friends Morning Tea on Sunday. ...lots of memories in that book and words of love and affection. 

The belly band is made with a small hair elastic attached with sticky strip to ribbon so that it can be easily taken off and put back on the large flower, layers of fabric is on one side of the elastic, and the small flower with leaves is on the other side the elastic is nicely hidden by the leaves.
thanks for stopping by,  Colleen.

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