Monday, 9 January 2012

Gift boxes

Well it is nearly time to go back to school, I'm waiting for the book store to let me know the pack is ready for our year 11 son. the uniforms are being ironed, well they were till I decided to write this note...[giggle any excuse to sit for a while] actually I have a brand new iron, my old one just stopped this morning half way through ironing my 17yo sons work shirt...he had crinkle front and back BUT the sleeves and collar were ironed!!! anyway I now have a new iron...and I'm taking a small break to sit and chat...and add a photo or three!!! :-)

Here are some Fabric Boxes I made for gifts. I put a cello bag into the box then filled with 'Nuts n Bolts' and gave them away for Christmas gifts. One was for our Office manager and the others were for people in my team. 

Then I made some like this Owl Box for the boys at our workshop. I presented them like this in cello bags tied with ribbon and a tag attached with the recipients name. I haven't got a group photo of all the Owl boxes, there were four!!! I'm sure I took a photo of the four of them, just can't find the image? 

Thanks for stopping by, if you'd like the recipe for Nuts n Bolts, drop me a line.

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