Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Thank You Cards 3 of 4

I hope your Mid Week is turning out really special.

Here are another four of the thank you cards

In the top Left card I stamped off which makes the image look softer, and faded, especially if you compare it to the one on the right.

The images are from the "Elegant Eleanor" stamp set; I love the swirl, and use it quite a lot as a background.

When colouring the image of the flower, I used my pens, colouring the center first then the petals, starting with the lightest pen first.

The colours are slightly different in the second top card where I used blue to colour the petals in the first instance, I used a pink in the second one.

Both the Labels are my favourites...and I use them a lot as you will have probably noticed in this series of cards. The smaller one is Modern Label and fits in the center of the Decorative punch label which is another way of using them.

The bottom two cards have a piece of DSP in check, and from the same pack, I fussy cut out some flowers.

The card above left has three different sized strips for another effect. The Decorative Label has been cut to make it straight along the top and bottom edges, simply to make it unique.

The Decorative Label in the last card [bottom right] has been modified quite a bit, you would ordinarily think it is from the same punch would you?

For me to explain how to get this effect, is going to be tricky, so you'll have to come back and look at another post in the coming weeks.

I'll have photos in stages to show how it's done...

till next time
enjoy what you do and 
keep creating!

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