Thursday, 10 May 2012

Musings with Me.

Glad you stopped by, Wednesday is the best day for me, my Husband does the school drop off and pick up, which gives me time to do the things I love....Blog, be creative with Card making and Scrapping, then, if I have time...ironing! hehehe. Notice I do the important things first.

oops! ...  it's Thursday now, I didn't want to post Wednesdays musings too early, now it's a bit too late-for Wednesday. 

I saw this quote from Howard Thurman, I liked it so I'm sharing ...

"Don't ask yourself
what the world needs-
Ask yourself
What makes you come alive
and then go do it.
Because what the world needs
is people 
who have come alive".

Great isn't it?  that's why I love being creative- it's when I come alive.

I've done the swaps for Convention, Yay!, now all I have to do is add the recipe to the back and seal the bags. 
Here is a photo of what 110 swaps look like....why 110...? well I had more cups cut out
and didn't want them to be left alone, so I made up the extra swaps. 

By the way, a 'swap' is the card front, with a 'recipe' of what stamps, inks, paper and accessories were used to make the card; it is inspiration shared.

Stay happy!


  1. Hi Collen, love your outlook to life and creating you sound like my kind a gal.

    Your very lucky having your hubby do drop off & pick up giving you a special day to craft.

    Love your swap!! way to go doing 110 of them, i had a similar situation with regional's i made extras and just had to make em all up. I think i will need to buy this stamp set too,lol.

  2. Thanks Rachael, for stopping by, and your kind words.